Carrie Underwood: How Great Thou Art

Carrie Underwood: How Great Thou Art

Carrie Underwood’s powerful rendition of the classic hymn “How Great Thou Art” is an inspiring example of her extraordinary vocal range and ability. The country music superstar has been singing the song since her days as an American Idol contestant in 2005, and her recent performance at the 2018 Academy of Country Music Awards was a breathtaking reminder of why she is one of the most beloved country singers of all time. Carrie Underwood: How Great Thou Art is a tribute to her immense talent and faith.

who is Carrie Underwood?

Carrie Underwood is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She rose to fame after winning the fourth season of American Idol in 2005, and has since become one of the most successful music artists of all time. Underwood has released six studio albums, with her most recent album, Cry Pretty, released in 2018.

She has won seven Grammy Awards, seventeen Billboard Music Awards, eleven Academy of Country Music Awards, and has been inducted into the Grand Ole Opry and the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. She is also known for her powerful vocal range, which has earned her the nickname “The Country Queen”. In 2019, she released a stunning rendition of the classic hymn “How Great Thou Art”.

What is the song How Great Thou Art about?

Carrie Underwood’s cover of the beloved traditional Christian hymn “How Great Thou Art” is a beautiful rendition of the classic song. Written in 1885 by Swedish preacher Carl Boberg, the song is a powerful expression of faith, praising God for His wonders and beauty. It speaks of an awe-inspiring God who is beyond human understanding, and the singer’s amazement of His great power.

The song has been covered by many artists over the years, but Carrie Underwood’s version adds a unique twist to the classic. Her haunting and powerful voice adds a beautiful layer to the song, as she belts out praises of how great God is. The combination of her powerful vocals with the timeless lyrics make for a truly moving performance.

Why did Carrie Underwood choose to cover this song?

Carrie Underwood is no stranger to singing spiritual songs and her cover of ‘How Great Thou Art’ is one of the most moving of them all. With a combination of her powerful and emotional vocals, Underwood proves that she has what it takes to deliver an emotionally charged performance. The song itself was originally written in Swedish by Carl Gustav Boberg and translated into English by Stuart K. Hine. It speaks about the beauty of God’s creation and how great He is, something that resonates with Underwood’s faith-driven message.

Underwood has stated in interviews that she wanted to record ‘How Great Thou Art’ to show her appreciation for God’s love and grace. She explains that it was important to her to record the song because it speaks to her faith, and also because it allows her to bring a part of her heritage back to life. Her interpretation of the song has been praised by many, and it’s not hard to hear why. From the moment she starts singing, Underwood has the audience captivated as she soars through the track with her emotive delivery and impressive vocal range.

What are people saying about her cover?

The response to Carrie Underwood’s cover of How Great Thou Art has been overwhelming. Fans have praised her beautiful vocal performance and powerful lyrics, calling it one of her best covers yet. Many were moved to tears as she sang the song during the 2014 Grammy Awards, with many commenting that the power of her voice and the emotion in her performance truly made it a memorable experience.

Social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook were filled with glowing reviews and praise for her rendition of How Great Thou Art. Critics have also hailed her version of the song as one of the best covers of How Great Thou Art that they have heard. All in all, Carrie Underwood’s cover of How Great Thou Art has been a huge success, showcasing her incredible vocal talent and highlighting her ability to make an emotional connection with the audience.

Where can I hear it?

You can hear Carrie Underwood’s stunning cover of “How Great Thou Art” on any major streaming platform, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. The song was released on March 5th, 2021 and is a beautiful tribute to the traditional gospel hymn. Additionally, you can view the accompanying music video for the track on YouTube. Simply search for “Carrie Underwood How Great Thou Art” to access the audio and video versions of her incredible cover.

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